Robotic Process Automation

Craftner leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as part of its Intelligence Process Automation capabilities to develop logic-driven robots executing pre-programmed rules on primarily structured data. We use software bots to automate highly repetitive, routine tasks, usually performed by knowledge workers, to take productivity optimization to the next level by redefining work and reassigning employees to execute higher-value tasks. Our process bots interpret, trigger responses, and communicate with other applications or systems just like humans do, but better: they operate around the clock, faster, and with 100% precision and reliability. RPA

Need for RPA

Craftner’s bots can copy-paste, scrape web data, make calculations, open and move files, analyze emails, log into programs, connect to APIs, and extract unstructured data. Automating such repetitive tasks saves time and money. Our RPA bots can also adapt to any interface or workflow, so there’s no need to change business systems, applications, or existing processes to automate them.   RPA

Benifits RPA

Better accuracy
RPA bots work around the clock and don't make mistakes. They are compliant, quick, and consistent

Improved productivity
Bots relieve employees from mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more engaging and higher-value tasks.

Cost savings
RPA reduces processing costs by up to 80% and increases enterprises’ return on investment. 

Accelerate time to value
With RPA, we can create, test and deploy a new automation scheme in hours instead of days or months. 

Value for customers
Completing automated tasks in seconds or minutes delivers higher value for your customers. 

RPA bots can perform many operations in parallel in desktop and cloud environments. Additional robots can be deployed quickly, if needed, with minimal costs, according to work fluctuations. 

Compliance standards
Bots only follow the instructions which they have been configured to track and provide an audit trail history for each step. 

No changes to exiting systems
Repetitive tasks at the front end can be automated, requiring no changes to backend applications and infrastructure. 

What sets us apart

    • Craftner can deploy RPA bots every three weeks using UIPath  
    • Along with RPA, Craftner reengineers the workflow to maximize efficiency gains

RPA Solutions for Any Industry

Organizations across every sector and function are turning to RPA to optimize resources and maximize efficiency—from healthcare to financial services and insurance to human resources and call center automation. RPA bots can easily manage processes spanning departments, locations, and systems—on premise or in the cloud.