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Solutions for all your data management requirements
Craftner delivers a comprehensive suite of market-leading data solutions and services that will enable your organisation to unlock real business value from your data. With a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering data solutions to clients across a range of industries, Craftner’s consultants are fluent in all data technologies. We can create all-encompassing solutions spanning all data disciplines, which will enable your organisation to fully optimise data for the long-term.

Our solutions are categorised into 4 areas:

1. Data Enablement

Data Enablement

Unlock additional insight and value from your data

Numerous factors need to be optimised for your organisation to unlock the true potential of your data. We have a range of methodologies and frameworks – developed in conjunction with clients and industry bodies – which we use to accelerate the delivery of our data management engagements, and this enables us to deliver value rapidly. We understand that every business is different, and your organisation has its own unique set of requirements. With a wealth of experience gained working with large and small organisations across many different industries, all our frameworks and accelerators can be flexed to meet your precise business needs.
    • Data is at the heart of every organisation. That’s why it’s essential to have the right Data Architecture to connect, transport, store, transform and present your data to those who consume it.
    • Regulatory Projects expertise
    • We have a deep knowledge of data management software.
    • The rapidly increasing amounts of data that your organisation generates can be used to enable fact-based innovation. In other words, you could be backing up new ideas with solid evidence to give your business a competitive edge.
    • Craftner has developed a unique data migration accelerator that can be combined with our Data Migration Framework to ensure simplified and cost-effective migration.
    • The ability to meet medium to long-term business objectives requires many aspects of your organisation to work in harmony – all pulling in the same direction. A data strategy underpins your business strategy and sets the agenda for the IT delivery roadmap.
    • Craftner has successfully delivered many cloud architectures for various clients. Based on this valuable experience, we’ve developed a unique and cost-effective accelerator to rapidly deploy and deliver a cloud architecture framework to support automated reporting in the cloud. This can help your business to go from zero to cloud in weeks.
    • To unlock the value of your company’s data, Craftner’s data capability assessment can help you develop a coherent data strategy with actionable objectives to enable data-driven decision making.

2. Data Management

Data Management

We are data management expert

At Craftner, we understand what is required for an organisation to become truly data-driven. We know that data must be viewed as a business asset and managed as carefully as any other valuable business asset. Whilst having the right, technology, tools and architecture in place is fundamental to becoming a data-driven business, the way that data is managed is the key to being able to trust and rely upon it to make the right data-driven decisions.
    • Data Governance drives trust in your data
    • High-quality data drives better business decisions

3. Data Engineering services

Data Engineering services

Comprehensive Data Engineering services

Craftner is a market-leading Data Engineering company. We can help you transform your data into valuable analytics and insight. Ultimately, we are here to help your organisation make better-informed business decisions by optimising your data.
Why is Data Engineering so important?

When it comes to the shining stars of the data world, you might automatically think of Data Scientists or Data Analysts, since they’re responsible for producing the quality reports and dashboards you rely on to make your business decisions. However, without effective Data Engineers behind the scenes, the Data Scientists and Data Analysts wouldn’t have reliable, consistent and accessible data to analyse. Data Engineering is a wide-ranging area, requiring specialists who live and breathe all aspects of this highly technical field. Data Engineers are responsible for the end-to-end process of provisioning and implementing on premise and Cloud platforms.
    • Craftner’s simplified approach to delivering AWS Inference and AWS Analytics is built on leading technology and consultancy expertise. Now your organisation can improve decision-making with an automated AWS Inference pipeline and analytics services in AWS, all built on a scalable cloud infrastructure.
    • Data warehouses combine data from different sources into one central and consistent data store to provide a “single version of the truth”. This aggregated data means organisations can run powerful data analytics and business intelligence to drive better-informed business decisions.
    • Craftner has a strong reputation as experts in building Data Pipelines. We can help you connect valuable data within your business from data source to data warehouse, data lake, analytics platform, or payment processing system.
    • With a deep understanding of data and the complexities associated with large-scale projects, our Data Migration consultants deliver secure, cost-efficient and accurate solutions for clients across a range of industries.
    • Craftner’s simplified approach to delivering Automated Reporting in Azure is a proven combination of technology, process, and expertise.
    • As a renowned Cloud Data Engineering company, Craftner can help you seamlessly adopt cloud solutions to accelerate business processes and innovation.
    • Craftner’s team has a deep understanding of all the various Big Data Storage challenges. We also have vast experience in helping businesses to optimise Big Data Storage technologies and processes to allow all types of data – big or otherwise – to be turned into valuable insights for accelerated and informed decision making.

4. Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Make data-driven decisions for better commercial outcomes

The right BI solution will convert your data into well-structured, analysable insights. In other words, real business intelligence that will inform your strategic decision-making and support commercial outcomes. Think of BI & Analytics as a way to access to all your business data in a single unified place. An easily accessible data visualisation solution or data dashboard makes valuable information available to everyone, while providing valuable insights that are easy to spot and action. Gain a holistic view of your business, your customers and their interactions. And base business decisions on facts rather than assumptions.
    • Craftner will develop user-friendly cloud-based dashboards to visualise your data. This means your data will always be up to date, ensuring your people gain real-time insights.
    • Our BI & Analytics Maturity Assessment will look at what your organisation can do with your data and analytics platform.
    • Our specialist consultants have experience in implementing BI and reporting tool / solutions across a range of sectors and scales. With expertise covering all the leading technologies in the marketplace, our consultants deliver solutions that are tailor made for our client’s needs.

Addressing all your data challengess

With a wealth of experience, our team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing organisations that are looking to optimise their data.
For example, we help many clients to increase the efficiency of their reporting processes, regardless of constantly increasing data volumes and complexity.

Optimise your data with Craftner

Craftner has helped many clients across a range of sectors to gain greater value from their data. While every single one of our customers is unique, most of them approach us with similar data challenges.
We can apply our deep data expertise and extensive industry knowledge to address your data challenges and enable you to:
    • Understand exactly what data you have in your company
    • Centralise your data making it more accessible
    • Improve the quality of your data, making it more reliable and accurate
    • Ensure your reports are delivered in a timely way
    • Make your business data-driven so you gain real business value
    • Gain a competitive advantage with a proactive approach to data

Form a strategic partnership

The Craftner team can help you effectively manage every aspect of your data strategy to make you data-driven for the long-term.
Backed by our Data Enablement, Data Management, Data Engineering and Business Intelligence & Analytics expertise, our data solutions are specifically designed to help our clients overcome their data issues and maximise the value of data across the enterprise.
When Craftner works with clients, our goal is to provide high-level support through strategic partnerships for the long-term.
We have already successfully addressed many organisations’ data challenges. Now our consultants can apply their expertise and help your company to address your data challenges in a fast, methodical and cost-effective way.
Ultimately, the highly-experienced Craftner team can optimise your data and provide deeper insights that will empower your organisation to make better-informed business decisions.

Unsure where to start?

If you are looking to optimise your data and become data driven, but don’t know where to begin, our Data Capability Assessment is the ideal starting point.
This bespoke framework can be used to assess your organisation’s current data capability and data management maturity. We will tailor this framework to meet your specific data requirements in line with your business goals.
Following the assessment, you’ll receive:

    • A data capability and maturity report
    • Recommendations for current challenges
    • Recommendations for future requirements
    • A roadmap to becoming data-driven