AWS – Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud computing platform. It is made up of a whole host of different products and services that cover all aspects of an organisation’s data requirements. AWS offer a broad range of cloud-based products for their customers, which allows organisations to move at pace, reduce costs and scale up or down in line with their business needs. AWS

Why choose Craftner as your AWS Partner?

Craftner is a member of the AWS Partner Network, and our expert team of AWS Certified Consultants have a track record of delivering value for clients on AWS projects across a range of industries. With a wealth of AWS experience and know-how, we can work with your organisation to help you achieve your project goals and maximise the value you gain from the AWS platform. If you are looking to move your business onto a cloud-based infrastructure such as AWS or need support on your existing platform, then Craftner can help with the following:
    • Readiness Assessment
    • Migration
    • Support
    • Optimisation

AWS product and service types

Serverless computing that will scale with your needs.

Coordinate server and app migrations to the AWS Cloud.

Highly resistant file storage services that work with Linux and Windows.

AI & Machine Learning
Solving cognitive problems commonly associated with human intelligence. 

Relational and Non-Relational databases in the secure AWS Cloud.

Developer Tools
Host code, build, test and deploy your applications quickly and effectively. 

Purpose-built to help you quickly extract data insights using the best tool for the job

Use a common set of tools to explore and filter data.


A wealth of AWS offerings

AWS currently delivers more than 200 products and services. Here are some of the more popular offerings: AWS Lambda
Serverless, event driven computing service

AWS Elasticsearch Service
Distributed search and analytics engine.

AWS Redshift
Analyses structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses.

AWS Kinesis
Scalable and durable real-time data streaming service. 

AWS DocumentDB
Scalable, highly durable, and fully managed database service.

AWS Glue Managed ETL Service
Serverless data integration service.

Large scale distributed data processing service

AWS Athena
Interactive query service to analyse data.

AWS Quicksight
BI service delivering easy-to-understand insights